Service Desk

OpenPeppol provides a service desk whereby visitors can raise an online request for support using one of the following ticket types:
  • PKI Certificates
  • Change requests
  • General support
  • Bug reporting
  • Compliance issue reporting

A Service Desk Guide covering each of the ticket types can found in the Library. Please read the Service Desk Guide before raising a ticket.

Click here to go to the Service Desk to raise a ticket.

Guidance for new Service Providers

OpenPeppol provides the following guidance to assist new Service Providers:
  • Access Point Implementation guide
  • OpenPeppol Public Key Infrastructure – AP and SMP certificates
  • Links to software:
    • Open Source Access Point implementations
    • Closed source or hosted AS4 implementations
    • Service Metadata Publisher implementations

The above guidance can be found in the Library. Please click here to go to the Technical Library to find links to a range of implementation options, together with further information on Peppol Specifications and Tools.

Acceptance Testing – centralised testbed

OpenPeppol provides a centralised testbed for acceptance of new Access Point Service Providers to the Peppol Network.

The testbed supports AS4 testing and is based on a self-initiated test routine using automated testing procedures. Completion of acceptance testing is validated by the OpenPeppol Operating Office, with a positive result resulting in the issuance of a Peppol PKI production certificate, enabling the service provider to join the network.

An Acceptance Test user guide can be found in the Library.

Access to the testbed is provided to new Access Point Service Providers once they become members of OpenPeppol. The testbed will be extended to cover SMP Service Providers in the future.

If you have mislaid your testbed access credentials, please click here to go to the Service Desk and raise a ‘General Support’ ticket.

Peppol Directory

The Peppol Directory makes it easy for Peppol End Users to find each other in the network and identify each other’s capabilities.

The Peppol Directory is a free-to-browse, open source service. You can search the Directory using one, or a combination, of the following mandatory terms:

  • company name
  • Peppol endpoint ID
  • country
  • Peppol document capability

and, where available, by using one of the following optional terms:

  • additional identifiers
  • contact details
  • registration date
  • website
  • additional free text

If your company is already able to receive Peppol documents, but is not yet listed in the Directory, please contact your Peppol Service Provider and request that they upload your information to the Directory.

You can access the Peppol Directory here (opens in a new window).

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